Customer FAQs

What is the difference between KwikSitter and other agencies or websites?

KwikSitter is an app that’s accessible anytime, anywhere through your smartphone. You can use it to manage all the steps of your job, from posting a job request and confirming a booking, to paying and rating your KwikSitter. Read more about how the app works.

The app connects you with trustworthy, qualified and experienced KwikSitters who have passed a rigorous vetting process. The app is a sister company to Diamond Personnel, a trusted agency that’s been placing full-time caregivers Canada-wide since 1989.

While each KwikSitter is rigorously vetted using the Diamond proprietary screening process, please note that KwikSitter is a self-serve application. It is not a placement agency. If you are seeking full-time help, contact Diamond Personnel at 1.888.886.8209 or visit


How does KwikSitter work?

When you need on-demand care, use the app to post job requests, book, pay and rate KwikSitters. It’s simple. Watch the KwikSitter video to see the app in action, then download it or visit our website to sign up.


Who are the KwikSitters?

KwikSitters are professional, experienced and trustworthy caregivers, housekeepers and pet sitters. Each KwikSitter has been rigorously screened through our proprietary vetting process to ensure you always receive top-notch care.


How much does it cost?

Visit Prices for full hourly rates by service type.


What is the cancellation policy?

Skip, reschedule or cancel 24 hours in advance for free. If you cancel less than 24 hours before your booking, the full booking amount will be charged.


What if I get home late?

A late fee of $5.00 per minute will be charged for any overtime after your booking’s specified finish time. To avoid late fees, make sure to request an extension within the app.


What if my KwikSitter cancels the booking?

Simply post a new booking in the app to get new KwikSitter responses.


How do I pay?

When you do your first booking request in the app, it will ask you to specify a credit card to be used for payment. From there, everything is cashless – it automatically goes on your card once the job has been completed.


Can I rebook a specific KwikSitter?

Yes. Simply check “Request my favourites first” before posting your job, and it will be sent to your favourite KwikSitter(s) first. If your favourites aren’t available, don’t worry. We’ll send your booking request to all qualified KwikSitters.


Can I contact my KwikSitter directly?

You can make a direct call on the app 4 hours before the job starts, anytime during the job, and 2 hours after job completion. This timeframe helps with relaying information for the day or following up with any questions afterwards.


What services will my KwikSitter provide?

You’ll find that info on our child care, elder care, pet care and housekeeping pages. Have specific needs? Be sure to list them when you’re creating a new booking, or add them to your household profile.

A KwikSitter is hired to perform one of the four services. If you require an additional service, you must initiate a new booking.